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The Cellular Secret to Longevity: NAD+ Platinum
Intra-oral Technology Make Wana’s CBD and THC Tinctures Work Five-Times Faster Than Conventional EdiblesInnovative Quicksilver Scientific Products Named 2020 NEXTY Awards Finalists in Best New Supplement and Best New Hemp-CBD Categories

Quicksilver Scientific Gives Back: $10,000 & Supplies to Sister Carmen Community Center

Quicksilver Scientific Appoints David Durkee Vice President of New Ventures 

Quicksilver Scientific Partners with Truss to Power New Veryvell Drops Line

Quicksilver Scientific Launches Immune Charge+™

Quicksilver Scientific Creates A Powerful Blend to Help Support the Immune System

Quicksilver Scientific Recognized for Innovation and Versatility as one of the 2019 Best Companies to Work For

Quicksilver Scientific introduces NAD+ Gold™, a fast-acting tonic that boosts vitality in aging bodies

Quicksilver Scientific Launches Self-Emulsifying Delivery System (SEDS) Technology for Fast-Acting CBD Softgels

Good Synergy: Quicksilver Scientific launches CBD Synergies Series to support Sleep, Calming and Relief

Quicksilver Scientific® CMO wins category in Denver Business Journal’s C-Suite Awards

Quicksilver ScientificⓇ recognized on 2019 Inc. 5000, Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Increased Bioavailability makes Quicksilver Scientific’s new CBD offerings the most Versatile and Balancing Supplements to hit the Wellness Market in Decades

Biohacking the Keto Diet: From weight loss to improved brain function, Keto Before 6 reaps the benefits of ketosis with greater dietary freedom

Quicksilver Scientific® Founder & CEO Dr. Chris Shade to speak at 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

Quicksilver Scientific® launches a premium sleep formula, LipoCalm

Quicksilver Scientific® Named 2018 CPG Editor’s Choice Award Finalist by Informa’s SupplySide

Tony Robbins attributes Quicksilver Scientific® to lower Mercury Levels

Quicksilver Scientific Launches Liposomal Melatonin, A Natural Sleep Aid

Gaining Momentum: Quicksilver Scientific Hires Asa Waldstein as Chief Operating Officer

Quicksilver Scientific Appointed as the North American Distributor of Original Quinton™ Seawater Products

Quicksilver Scientific’s CEO, Dr. Shade, Receives “Game Changer Award” at Doctors Who Rock Gala in Orlando, Florida

Quicksilver Scientific Launches First Liposomal Multi-Vitamin

Quicksilver Scientific Engineers the Ultimate Energy Supplement

Nutraceutical Company is Changing How We Take Supplements

Dr. Shade’s Interviews

Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land: Boost NAD with NMN for Anti-Aging and Energy with Dr. Chris Shade

Biohacking Secrets: Advanced Detoxification Protocols with Dr. Chris Shade

Stacked 019 – Free Medicine & Supplements That Work with Dr. Chris Shade

The Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #15 – Dr. Chris Shade

Holistic Medicine Chats with Dr. Christopher Shade on Heavy Metal Detoxification

Benzinga: Quicksilver Scientific CEO: Public Understands CBD’s Benefits, But Regulatory Roadblocks Need To Be Eliminated

NutraIngredients: Quicksilver Scientific releases new enhanced CBD products

The Cultivate Wellness Podcast: Quicksilver Scientific, Environmental Toxicity,  and Toxins With Dr. Christopher Shade
Call Me Cannabinoids: Nanoemulsified CBD, Bioavailability, and the True Entourage Effect With Dr. Christopher Shade
Honey Colony: Keto Before 6 With Quicksilver Scientific’s Dr. Christopher Shade
Siim Land: Liver Detox and Autophagy With Dr. Christopher Shade
Healthline: Mercury Levels in Fish Are Rising: Here’s What You Need to Know
Nutrition Hero: A Talk With Dr. Christopher Shade
Natural Products Insider: What Women Want in the Supplement Aisle
The Karlfeldt Center: Detoxifying Heavy Metals With Dr. Christopher Shade
The Karlfeldt Center: Using CBD to Repair Nuro Inflammation and Immune Dysregulation With Dr. Christopher Shade
Chris Barnes Wellness: How to Amplify Your Detox Program With Keto and Fasting With Dr. Christopher Shade
Fox 31 Denver: How to Combat the Pollen Months Naturally
Pure Joy Planet: Super Supplements to Get You Into Ketosis and How Detox Heavy Metals the Right Way With Dr. Christopher Shade
Rational Wellness Podcast: Keto Diet With Dr. Christopher Shade
The Life Stylist Podcast – The Detox Download: Cleansing Myths and Mysteries Explained With Dr. Chris Shade
Natural Medicine Journal: Restorative Sleep Strategies: A Conversation With Christopher Shade, PhD
180 Nutrition: Dr Christopher Shade – The Best Way to Detoxify Heavy Metals
Nutra-Ingredients: Quicksilver Pitches New Keto Product to Biohackers
Nutrition Industry Executive: Delivery & Processing Innovation Rundown
Naomi Whittel Facebook Live: Learn how to harness your bodies innate detoxification system with Dr. Christopher Shade
Phoenix Helix Podcast: Heavy Metals with Dr. Christopher Shade

Elite Man Magazine: How To Truly Detoxify Your Body: Overcoming Lyme, Heavy Metals, Autism, Mold, And More with Dr. Christopher Shade

Natural Partners Facebook Live: The Endocannabinoid System with Dr. Christopher Shade

Zestology Podcast: The Best Way To Detox with Dr. Christopher Shade

Rational Wellness Podcast: Heavy Metals Detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade

True Health Podcast: Mercury Testing and Detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade

High On Healthy Podcast: Using Mercury In The Human Detoxification System with Dr. Christopher Shade

Facebook Live Moms Across America: CBD and minerals with Dr. Christopher Shade

Facebook Live Healthy Happenings: Heavy Metals Detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade

Nutrition Hero Podcast: Mercury, Heavy Metals, and the Human Detoxification System with Dr. Christopher Shade

Caring for the Caregiver Summit with Dr. Christopher Shade

Better Health Guy Podcast: Liposomes and Detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade

Naturally Recovering Autism: How to Get the Greatest Nutritional Absorption with Lowered Dosages with Dr. Christopher Shade

Facebook Live The Human Longevity Project: How to manage mercury and mold toxicity with Dr. Christopher Shade

Natural Medicine Journal: Optimal Detoxification, a Comprehensive, Foundational Approach with Dr. Christopher Shade

Natural Medicine Journal: Detoxification Protocol to Cleanse Mercury and Other Toxins with Dr. Christopher Shade

Natural Medicine Journal: Therapeutic Applications of CBD Oil in Clinical Practice with Dr. Christopher Shade



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